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Canairmo Avionics in support of COSPAS/SARSAT’s announcement will be carrying the new line of Emergency Beacon Corporation 406.028MHz emergency locator transmitters.

On February 1st 2009, COSPAS/SARSAT, the International Satellite System for Search and Rescue, ceased processing the 121.5/243.0 MHz beacons. Search and Rescue Satellites around the world only process signals from 406 MHz beacons.

All fixed wing aircrafts and rotor (helicopter) will have to convert to a 406 MHz emergency beacon to ensure that authorities are promptly alerted of the occurrence and location of an incident.

Canairmo Avionics new line of Emergency Beacon Corporation (EBC) ELT does comply with COSPAS/SARSAT requirements. They will transmit the new digital signal on 406.028MHz that is used for alerting and activating the Search and Rescue systems while the 121.5MHz signals will be used as a homing signal. These new transmitters are approved by COSPAS/SARSAT and meet Canadian & FCC requirements.

The complete line includes Automatic Portable (AP) transmitters for cabin/cockpit installation and Automatic Fixed (AF) transmitters for mounting in the tail of an aircraft. The AF units require a panel mounted Remote Control Monitor. Both AP and AF units are also available with a proprietary 720º helicopter activation system that has proven itself in the field since 1982.

The new transmitters measure 6.7” x 2.9” x 2.5” and weight 2.5lbs with battery. They are powered by lithium manganese dioxide batteries.

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